Video Duplication & DVD Duplication Services

Video Tape Duplication

Video duplication of any non-copy write video format source to any format desired.

Preserve your VHS, Beta, Hi 8mm, video discs, Mini DV or any other video source to any format desired including DVD. Cost quoted based on type & quantity.

DVD Design and Production

Design of artwork for DVD cover, insert and back panel titles are priced by special quotation on each project. Most jobs are between $50.00 and $150.00. Artist supplied pictures and sample layouts help reduce total cost.

Video content can be supplied or can be produced by TJB Enterprises at a quoted rate.Once master DVD is provided or produced, the cost for duplication will be quoted.

DVD production cost $10.00 per DVD (1 to 25), $8.00 per DVD (26 to 50), $6.00 per DVD (51 to 100).


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